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Egyptian Eye Necklace

Ancient Egyptian Necklace

An Egyptian jewel that represents the eye of the god Horus; 

A god worshipped in the upper and lower Egypt, God of the azure, he perceives through the moon and the sun.Chaque 

King of Egypt is considered as the incarnation of the god Horus who is their Protector.

  • A protective necklace has an incredible and symbolic history
  • Authentic Egyptian jewel representing one of the most revered symbols of ancient Egyp
  • The Eye of Horus is one of the most famous symbols of ancient Egypt. Also known as Wadjet, this magical symbol is supposed to offer protection, health and rejuvenation. Because of its powerful protective powers, the Eye of Horus was popularly used as amulets by ancient Egyptians, both living and dead. Even today, the Eye of Horus continues to be used as a symbol of protection and is used to represent Egyptian jewelry.

    eye of horus necklace

    Although the ancient Egyptian civilization has come to an end, the belief in the power of the Eye of Horus has continued and this symbolis still used by many today. For example, in Mediterranean countries, fishermen often painted this symbol on their boats to protect themselves. In addition, many people still wear the Eye of Horus as a jewel, to protect themselves from the unwillingness of others. The Eye of Horus is also popular among occultists and conspiracy theorists, who consider it not only as a protective symbol, but also as a symbol of power, knowledge and illusion.

    Wearing this Egyptian Horus Eye necklace allows you to remain under its protection. Giving it to a loved one is a good idea to protect them wherever they are.

    • Link chain / Pendant size: 2.7 X 2.7 cm / Material: Alloy + Glass